Congratulations on your decision to own a MARSHRIDGE Labrador!

As a caring and responsible Labrador breeder, we do everything possible to ensure our puppies go to great homes. In doing so, we would like all of our future puppy owners to understand and be prepared for being a puppy owner as well as finding out if a Labrador retriever is the right breed for you. Below you will find various links to pages on our site that could assist you in making this important decision.
*Are you ready for a dog?
*Do you know what breed is the right dog for you?
*Do you know what the breed standards are for a Labrador retriever?
*Are you ready to be a responsible dog owner?

The least expensive aspect of dog ownership is the initial purchase. What requires commitment is meeting the demands your pet will place on you for the next ten to fifteen years he or she will be with you. Your diligence in research and effort to buy your puppy are to be commended. Our commitment to you is for as long as your pet lives. you do wish to reserve a puppy, please contact us via email and tell us about yourself and your plans for a puppy.

Every puppy is sold with it's AKC limited registration application
The first puppy shots
De-worming as prescribed by our veterinarian
A veterinary health exam
Lifetime health, training and overall advice availability

The buyer agrees that if he/she is unable to keep this Labrador Retriever, he/she will not sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of this dog without first contacting the me, who will either accept the dog on a return basis or assist the buyer in finding a suitable alternative home for the dog. This does not imply a financial commitment on the part of the breeder